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American forces fleeing Gardez, an important move

According to reports from Kabul, American forces have chosen to flee from Gardez. At least 400 US troops have so far shifted to Bagram air base. It is stated that refusal of Tajik Warriors from taking part in war against Afghan Mujahideen and to serve American purpose has led to a situation that US-led allied forces retreated in most of Afghanistan and compelled to flee Gardez.

Moreover, strongest US supporter, Commander Bacha Khan has developed serious differences with other commanders. On the other hand US agencies are presenting their retreat and failure as their success and a US spokesman has claimed that they have succeeded destroying the hideouts of Mujahideen in mountains and their mission to bring the Mujahideen out of their hideout is nearly completed.

How far American claim is true that can be judged thought the prevailing situation and the situation will be clearer in the next few days. The realty is that America is bleeding badly in the deserts of Afghanistan and in days to come its continued failure and huge losses would compel it to accept that it made mistake by launching operation in Afghanistan as Russia did in the past.

Guerrilla war formally begins in Afghanistan

Reports of international media have said that Guerrilla war has begun in Afghanistan against American forces. According to BBC correspondent, "It seems as Guerrilla war against American troops have formally begun and America is confronting the worst ever situation in Afghanistan after Vietnam war.

American forces and their allied groups of Northern Alliance are facing failure after failure in Gardez and a large number of American troops have been killed in the ongoing Guerrilla war.

Moreover, Mujahideen have launched many attacks on allied forces in Kandahar, Ghazni, Logar, Wardak and Jalalabad while in Kabul many British solders have been killed. US embassy in Kabul has also come under fierce attack a couple of times in which two German and three Denmark soldiers have been killed. Commander of US forces, General Tomy Franks has admitted that newly launched movement by Taliban and Al-Qaeda gives a message that America and its allies are going to face a tough time and coming days may be dangerous for American forces. American CIA, expressing its resentment on not being informed about Guerrilla war, has written to President Bush in which it has accused Russia of putting America in trouble in Afghanistan and this way Russia is opting to avenge it past failures. On the other hand America, in order to hide reports of its failure in Afghanistan has imposed strict sensor on media.

According to sources close to Gul Agha, the Governor of Kandahar of puppet government, foreign mediamen are not allowed in areas where American forces are under severe attack by Mujahideen and facing tough time due to Guerrilla war against them. This is done in order to forestall reports of failure of American troops from leaking to the outer world. This is the reason that no picture of any US plane crash could be published in any newspaper. When our correspondent approached a reporter of a Western country and asked the reason of not publishing true reports of Afghanistan, he replied, "Don't you know that Americans are world's No 1 liars." By imposing ban on free press America has proved its dual policy towards the world nations. The same American in the past propagated in the past that Taliban were not allowing journalists of international media in the country and thus damaging freedom of press.

But today America itself is resorting to throttle the press freedom. And all this is being done by America to hide its failure at the hand of brave Mujahideen. But how long this would continue.

It seems as Afghanistan is on its way of repeating its history of bringing down the pride of Super Power and once again this would become a part of history that a small country like Afghanistan showed America its value. Brave Mujahideen and Afghans would prove very soon that no power can take over their soil on the basis of power and Afghans would never accept any outer power on their soil.

NA warriors refuse fighting for Americans

A group of 1,000 warriors of Northern Alliance who were sent by American forces to Gardez to fight Mujahideen have refused to fight for American-led forces and 930 out of those warriors have reached back to Kabul.

According to reports, Northern Alliance had formed a force of 1,000 warriors in the leadership of Commander Gul Haider. They were sent to Gardez with an advice to control the situation in case of sectarian terrorism and tribal clashes. But, as soon as they reached Logar, they came to know that Kabul government had sent them to fight Mujahideen. Knowing the fact, 930 out of them decided to return Kabul immediately and left Logar.

According to a report of BBC, those who are left in Gardez have set up their camps in the city and they are also not ready to go to the front line to fight Arab Mujahideen and Taliban. An important member of Northern Alliance, a Jihadi figure and the leader of Ittehad Islami, Afghanistan, Ustaz Sayyaf has termed the presence of American forces in Afghanistan as uncalled for and while rejecting the US policy of declaring all its opponents as terrorists, he called for a comprehensive definition of terrorist and terrorism.

These reports prove that America is facing tough time in Afghanistan as the warriors of Northern Alliance who had gathered under the umbrella of America have also refused to serve the American purpose and denied taking part in the America's war against Arab Mujahideen and Taliban. Following huge losses of lives and heavy artillery, America seems so desperate specially when Northern Alliance has refused to fight for US-led forces. In the wake of heavy losses at the hand of Taliban and Arab Mujahideen America had cunningly hired warriors of Northern Alliance to fight Mujahideen at the frontline but America could not succeed in its plan due to differences between Pushtoon commanders of Eastern Afghanistan and Northern Alliance.

This conflict between two forces proved a great hindrance in the way of American plans. Later, when Northern Alliance warriors refused to fight Mujahideen proved the last nail in the coffin of American forces and their evil designs. This open disobedience of Northern Alliance troops has proved that situation in Afghanistan is no way favourable for American and its allies and it would be in its benefit to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible before it meets a complete disaster and let the Afghans decide their fate on their own.

A study on children of non-Arab mothers

News Desk

DUBAI: A local study revealed that national children who have non-Arab mothers often face a cultural identity problem, mainly displayed in their ignorance about the Arabic language. The study was conducted by the Sharjah Police Research Centre and was presented to the Second Family Meeting held here recently, reported Gulf News.

It pointed out that marriage between UAE national men and foreign women can lead to major problems that usually take their toll on the children. "The consequences of such marriages are even more serious when the mother is a non-Arab," it stressed. Since the children are known to learn their first words from the mother, she would have a big influence on their language. Therefore, if she was a non-Arab, it is likely that the children would either pick up her language or speak a broken, badly pronounced Arabic, the paper added."

The result would be a distorted version of Arabic that makes the masculine nouns feminine and vice versa," the study said. It added that a whole new generation of

children born to national fathers might grow up with a poor command of their native language. If UAE nationals are proud that their dialect is one of the closest to the classical Arabic or Fusha, they might later discover that it has become so distant, the study stressed.

The study pointed out that two major factors have conspired against Arabic language in the UAE society - one of them being marriage to foreigners; the other being the dominance of a non-Arab labour force, especially housemaids. So, if the children are surrounded at home by non-Arabic speakers, with both the mother and the maid talking in their own language, there might be no hope for them to master their native language, added the study.

On the other hand, it linked the children's academic failure to having a foreign mother, who does not know Arabic. It warned that the mother would not only pass to the children her own language, but also her social values and customs that may conflict with that of UAE society. The entire cultural and social identities of the children then become vulnerable, the study said.

America following Russian footsteps

According to a report published in Los Angeles Times, American President Bush has directed US Defence, Pentagon, to make all preparations to use nuclear weapons against seven countries if need arises. These seven countries are China, Russia, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Syria. A secret report on the issue has been sent to Pentagon while a list of countries has also been provided to the Congress on January 8 in which use of nuclear weapons against these countries has been recommended. ;

The report says that these seven countries are on the hit list of America and it would use nuclear arms against these countries if they attacked neighbouring countries. America fears attack on Taiwan by China, on South Korea by North Korea, and Iraqi attack on any neighbouring country including Israel.

According to the report, US Defence Minister has signed this plan, however, Pentagon, terming the report as secret, has refused commenting on the issue. On the other hand, American think tanks have termed this plan as 'dynamite' for world peace. This US action reminds the past when Russia had also adopted the same measures in 1970. But America has either forgotten or ignoring what fate Russia met in its aggression against other countries. America instead of taking any lesson from Russia's fate, is bent upon adopting the same strategies what Russia adopted and coincidentally it chose the same battlefield that was chosen by Russia.

Observers are terming the present scenario as the continuation of Soviet aggression against Afghanistan. It seems as America has been in a fix and its fate would not be different that of Soviet Union. Lets see what will be the future of the world under the prevailing circumstances.