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In the first hours after the September 11 attacks, US President George W.Bush deployed a 'shadow government' to ensure continuity of federal operations should the government be decapitated by a terrorist attack. Known maternally as the COG or 'continuity of government' plan, the programme was established in the 1950s by Cold War president Dwight D. Eisevhower amid fears of an attack with intercontinental missiles.

The Washington Post reported that Bush sent 100 high-ranking officials outside Washington to work in two secure locations, in case of a nuclear attack on the city. According to the paper, the 90-day rotations were, originally a temporary measure, but reassessment of the risks posed by terrorist groups led the White House to make them permanent. The Cadre of between 75 and 150 senior civilian managers, high ranking members of the executive branch of the US federal government, was transported by a fleet of single-and twin-engine helicopters accompanied by F-16 jet planes to two secret locations in the eastern US. They are tasked with containing with any possible disruptions to government and public service function, including continuity of the nation's supplies of food, water and health services, transportation, energy and telecommunications networks.

The news .report shows how much the rulers of non-Muslims are sincere to their nations, how far-sighted they are and how they strive for their nations' benefits. These people do not want power for embezzlement in national wealth but strive for it to serve the nation. Then till the last they remain faithful to their country and people and use their best abilities for the development of progress of their country. These people come to the corridors of the power with good intentions and leave with good reputation. In total contrast, when anyone grabs power in our country, he does so with black hands, and when he leaves his white face is darkened with his actions.

Alas! If we had adopted the path of our ancestors by considering the power seat as a trust and a responsibility, we would not have become a laughing stock for the entire world.


Reports from Afghanistan tell about how the people of several Afghan cities were surprised to see posters supporting Mulla Muhammad "Omar and Osama bin Laden early in the morning on the streets. These posters, called 'shabnama' (night letters) as they were posted in the darkness of the night, warned American agents of dire consequences. Analysts, commenting on these 'shabnama', say that possibilities of return of Taliban in Afghanistan are increasing.

This news stamps conformity on the prediction of those sagacious and circumspect people who said that the retreat of the Taliban is temporary, and that they would once again brighten the land of Afghanistan with the glow of Islamic system as it is not possible for the 'world allies' to eradicate the love of Islam and jihad from the hearts of the Taliban and to eliminate the respect and reverence of the Taliban from the hearts of the Afghan people. It is a record of the land of Afghanistan that it readily and eagerly sucks the blood of usurpers and aggressors. It seems that now America is also about to join the list of those who have fallen victim to this strange quality and feature of the Afghan nation.

The deadly disease of callousness

People, besieged in their houses due to riots in Indian state of Gujrat and other cities, called their friends and relatives on mobile phones and asked for help saying 'there is nothing in the house to feed the children', 'We want milk and vegetables', 'Rioters have looted everything I have nothing left'. It is being reported that the people, fearing rioters, have hidden in their houses.

According to another news, fanatic Hindus sprinkled kerosene oil on a Muslim couple and burnt them alive in front of their two children in Gujrat. The children 5-year old Karishma Rahman and 12-year old Mohsin Rahrnan. took refuge in the house of a relative; they say they know the murderers of their parents. According to a foreign news agency, the Indian police outrightly refused to help unarmed Muslims in Gujrat. A report by a foreign news agency says that when a group of nearly 500 rioters surrounded a Muslim hideout, a reporter called police for help, but the police replied that they cannot come as the rioters had blocked the road.

These heart-rendering tales of besieged Indian Muslims forces the heart of every kind-hearted Muslim to shed tears of blood. But alas, there is not even a single Muslim leader in the whole world who could lead the Muslims according to their aspirations and the atrocities and oppression against other Muslims make him restless like he becomes restless for his family and his own self. Allah TVala has ilessed 'Islamic countries with so much that if even a few of them look askance at India or threaten its trade boycott, the Hindus mentality will come to senses. But is most famentable that despit so much cruelties and atrocities being earned out against the Indian Muslims, all these Islamic countries will have relations with India and will issue visas to its non-Muslim citizens for jobs in their country. If-a panacea is not found soon for this disease of callousness towards collective interests and not caring for one's weak brethren then this disease will one day slowly end our national entity.


Salaries of federal minister and ministers of states have been increased almost 100 percent with effect from December 1,2001. The salaries of federal ministers have been enhanced from Rs.20,250 to Rs.40,000 per month and of state ministers from previous Rs. 18,000 to the present Rs. 35,000.

Earlier, President Musharraf had issued two ordinances recently to enhance his own salary and that of Supreme Court and High Court judges. According to the amendment to the President's Salary, Allowances and Privileges Act 1975, the presidents' salary has been increased to Rs.57,000 from Rs.23,000. According to another order called Salary of judges of Superior Court Order 2002, issued by the president, the salary as Rs.55,000 and Rs.52,000 for other judges of the Supreme Court. Similarly the salary of the chief justices of the High Courts was fixed at Its. 51,000 and that of other High Court judges at Rs.49,000.

Meanwhile, President Musharraf has issued an amendment in the President's Pension Act according to which two new paragraphs have been included in Para II (Vlll)-(1) No income tax will be levied upon 'for allowance benefits' at a rate of Rs.20,000 per month.'

(in clause (B) the following paragraphs will be included:

50 percent of pension to the president or ability to pay with time' and 'Free residence by the government till death or in the absence of government residence, residence on rent on government expenses at a rate of Rs.55,000 per month.'

There is a strange system in'our country. Poverty and illiteracy has made us a laughing stock in the world, but whenever our rulers increase wages or benefits 'in national interest', strangely its benefits are felt by 'deserving people' on high posts instead of lower-grade government officers or the poor public. Thus, the direction of benefits remains upwards instead of downwards just like investment. The interesting thing is that if any increment is made in the wages of a poor man, he does not deserve more than 100 or 200 rupees, but personalities on high posts gets a high jump of more than 100 percent increase and their rent allowance is declared to be equal to their salaries. As we have greatly benefited from this method therefore, it should continue in future also so that our country can make reverse development as soon as possible and we get our name in the fist of welfare countries.