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An interview with Dr.Maulana Sher Ali Shah

Sheikh al Hadith, Hazrat Maulana Dr Sher vAli Shah Sahib Damat-i-Barakatuhum is a high-ranking' Alim-e-Din and intellectual who keeps a close eye on the prevailing circumstances. Supervision and support to "Ulama and Mujahideen is his identity. Recently he visited Darul Ifta to condole the demise of Hazrat-i-Wala (Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad sahib rahimahullahu ta'ala). Finding an opportunity Dharb-i-Mu'min correspondent had a discussion with him. Hazrat commented on the Taliban and their movement and revealed various facts that should really be made public and if not would create a number of questions in the minds of people. Our correspondent's discussion with Hazrat Maulana Dr Sher' Ali Sahib boosts morale and brings the facts to the fore. May Allah bless Dr Sahib with sound health and accord acceptance to his services he is rendering for die cause of Islam and Ummah. Ameen.

Dharb-i-Mu'min: Most people are of the opinion that Taliban have met their failure although Allah Almighty has promised Mujahideen that He would bless them with success. Is it the propaganda of so-called Muslims who are serving the cause of their non-Muslims lords?

Dr Sahib: With the mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty Taliban are successful in their mission. Achievements that Taliban have made during their five-year rule that is not possible for major Islamic states in the world. Taliban implemented 100 per cent Islamic system in the country during their rule. By giving severe punishments to the corrupt elements they eliminated the crime from the motherland. They rooted out theft, robberies, killings, obscenity, thus they brought the Western culture to an end. Taliban introduced true Islamic system, made people to stick to Sharfah, recite Holy Qur'an and demolished all cinema houses and constructed mosques at those places. People became punctual to offer prayers five times a day. Set up Madaris in all over the country, Smashed the statues that were installed at roundabouts, highways and other public places. Replaces communism, socialism and all other isms with Islamic culture. Made women to observe Purdah (cover themselves from head to toe), created an environment of satisfaction for all particularly for the business community who were scared of highway robberies, eliminated the menace of drugs and poppy cultivation, and destroyed all drug and gambling centers. Established stronger relations with Pakistan. Challenged the biggest terrorist of the world with courage, faced 0.3 million bombs on the chest and embraced martyrdom. Thus they revived the zeal of fighting the enemy to embrace martyrdom recalling the history of Sahaba-e-Keram. "When Sahaba-e-Keram used to meet martyrdom, they used to shout I swear upon the Rabb-e-Ka~aba I am successful today." Mujahideen sacrificed their lives for the cause of Islam. On the Day of Reckoning, Taliban's faces would be looking bright. Al-hamdulillah, the non-Muslim powers could not find even a single point that could prove Taliban's corruption from any aspect. None of the Taliban, either a common man or a government official, ever took benefit of concessions or grants he was given on any pretext. However, ministers and governors of Taliban were desirous of constructing a mosque and madrasah in their areas.

The demise of Mujahid-e-Kabir, Ustad-ul-Muhaddisecn wal Mufassireen, Mufti-i-'Azam Hazrat Maulana Mufti Rasheed Ahmad, nawwarallahu marqadahu is an unbearable shock and loss for the Islamic world. Under the prevailing crisis when Islam and Muslims are being attacked from all around, all anti-Islam powers are bent upon eliminating Islam from the earth and Muslims are being slaughtered around the globe, a real Islamic government that was established in Afghanistan has been removed, prisoner Mujahideen in Cuba are subjected to severe inhuman torture and oppression, the demise of the only well-wisher and caretaker of hundreds of millions of Muslims and Mujahideen has been the biggest disaster for Ummah. May Allah Almighty rest the departed soul of Hazrat-i-Aqdas into eternal peace and bless the bereaved family including the widow, sons and daughters with courage to bear the irreparable loss with fortitude and make the services he rendered for the religion, Tableegh and Jihad and the institutions he established for the cause of Islam as 'Sadaqa-e-Jariah'.

Mufti Sahib rahimahullahu ta'ala was the only and the first personality in Pakistan who supported Taliban's movement and continued till his last breath. He also drew attention of his associates and followers towards the stability of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and started to support hundreds of thousands of poor, orphans and deserving by establishing Al-Rasheed Trust. He made permanent arrangement to provide free food, clothes, medicines and other items of daily use to the oppressed Afghans. Although he is no more in this world but the system to serve the humanity is continuing with same zeal. Besides Afghanistan, he also set up aid camps and welfare organizations in Kashmir. On account of honesty and fairness, Al-Rasheed Trust enjoys overwhelming support of people of Pakistan that no other trust or welfare organization in the country enjoys. Prayers for the beneficence of the soul of Hazrat-i-Wala rahimahullahu ta'ala are being offered in . Pakistan and other Islamic countries. And this process continues.

Dharb-i-Mu'min: What are your comments on the prevailing situation?

Dr Sahib: People coming from Jalalabad and Kabul narrate the stories of their plight that tells that situation in Afghanistan is alarming. Afghanistan is passing through an era which it witnessed before the rule of Taliban rather the

present situation is worst than that even. Oppression has crippled thp Afghanistan. No one can dare travel any destination after Maghrib.

Killings, dacoities and highway robberies have become the routine. People belonging to different

groups are in direct confrontation with each other. Some group claims it is American agent then the

dome group other claims it belongs to Russia. Dollar has made the

I human life cheaper than the

vegetables. Americans wno snowea a wrong picture of peace and prosperity to Afghans have confined to their houses only. They are worried about their security.


Dharb-i-Mu'min: Under the prevailing circumstances what turn this situation would take?

Dr Sahib: Only Allah knows the future. But existing circumstances give a message that I the nights of oppression would soon ' come to an end. Once again

Afghanistan would witness prevalence of Islam. Justice would reach at the doorsteps of the people. Every individual including men, women, children and elderly people would raise slogans in favour of Taliban. Afghan nation, realizing their mistake would turn towards Islam. People will take to streets against America and the system it has introduced in the country. On top of everything, anti-Islam forces would also stand against America and in favour of Muslims of Afghanistan. Oppression is always short-lived. American certainly knows who are the real culprits who carried out the attacks in New York and Washington. America knows that Osama bin Laden and his associates were not involved in September 11, 2001 incident and they were living in the caves and mountainous range of Afghanistan. However, America took the benefit of American destruction and launched oppression against Muslims. It is now the time when Muslims themselves are ashamed of their silence. Allah-o-Akbar! A big pillar of Islamic system has been destroyed. But, never mind there is still a chance that Muslims should have wisdom and think for their future. It is not still too late. Muslims can still bring their lost glory back.


Dharb-i-Mu'min: You remained too close to Taliban. How did you find them?

Dr Sahib: Taliban are true Muslims. I found them God-fearing, religious and pious people. They were far away from the present time's cheating, fraud, and maneuvering. Anti-Islam forces are propagating against Taliban. They are presenting misleading stories about Taliban to the world. If non-Muslims are doing this, they can, but those Muslims who joined non-Muslim powers against Taliban would now be wringing their hands with regret. People should believe those who have seen the Taliban and their ways of living like General Hameed Gul, Dr Israr Ahmad and Justice Jawed Iqbal etc.

Dharb-i-Mu'min: People express their resentment that Taliban used to claim of protecting Osama but they failed in doing so and could not keep their promise?

Dr Sahib: It is only Allah Almighty who can protect all. Taliban utilized their best efforts to protect their guest. Hazrat Ameer-ul-Mu'mineen and his associates always gave the statement that Islam does not permit them to handover their guest to a non-Muslim power. Muslim is the friend of other Muslims and so Muslim would neither subject the fellow Muslim to oppression nor a Muslim would bow before the pressure of Kufria power to handover the Muslim brethren. Kuffar may reach Taliban's guests only when all Taliban are martyred. Taliban embraced massive Shahadah but never bowed before Kufria powers. Taliban have done their best in keeping their promise.

Dharb-i-Mu'min: What are the responsibilities of Pakistani people and government under the present circumstances?

Dr Sahib: May Allah bless Pakistan with strength and stability and make it the strongest fort of Islam. Enemies of Islam are now turning their guns towards Pakistan after Afghanistan. World powers are strengthening India against Pakistan. Pakistan government and its people should be at high alert and stay awake against any possible aggression of the enemies.