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By Abu-Salma

Hazrat Urwah bin Zubair said that once Zubair (radhiallahu ta'ala "anhu) was taking a nap while he heard a voice telling that Huzoor Nabi Akram sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam were captured. This is the incident when Zubair radhiallahu 'anhu had embraced Islam and his age was merely twelve years. Hazrat Zubair was the son of Safia radhiallahu ta'ala "anha who was the aunt (sister of father) of Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu "alaihe wasaUam. Zubair drew his sword from the sheath and "quickly took rounds of the lanes of Makkah until he reached Nabi Mukarram sallallahu "alaihe wasallam who were at that time on the upper side of the valley of Makkah. The drawn sword was in the hand of Zubair. Rasoolullah sallallahu "alaihe wasallam asked Zubair, "Zubair! What is this? Zubair told that." I heard that some body had captured you". Nabi sallallahu valaihe wasallam asked, "If it had been so then what would you do? Zubair replied that, "1 would kill the person who would hold you". Huzoor sallallahu "alaihe wasallam prayed for Zubair and his sword and asked Zubair to go back. This was the first sword which was drawn in the way of Allah and his Rasool sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam. (selection Kanzul Ammal)