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Powell bogged down

It was surprising to note that a day after delivering a muni criticism on Israeli brutalities the US Secretary of States (retd Gen) Colin Powell back tracked from his earlier remarks delivered at Congressional Panel saying "Ariel Sharon has to take a hard look at his policies and see when they will work.

Instead Powell addressing the US House Budget Committee the next day pointed: "I believe that Chairman Arafat has to do more then he is doing to get the violence down and he can."

It is a shame, despite, that Israel has thrust every available war machine to quell the intifadah, now in its 17th month, the whole world, especially the Christian community see the things in opposite directions.

What makes the top slot in White House so infatuated with the Jews is the fact unveiled by the late US President Harry Truman.

When asked by reporters what was all the hurry for recognizing the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, the president replied: "There are no Arabs in my constituency"!

Engr. Hameed Ashraf


Small Carnage in Gujarat

The devil buys the Hindus to do his work on earth.

FayyazA. Chaudhry


BB's venomous outburst

This refers to the recent statement of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - rightly known as "Butcher of Beriut" (BB) for playing havoc at Sabra and Shatlia refugees camps in Lebanon during 1982 - said:

"The Palestinians should be hit very hard because if they don't feel they have been defeated, it will be impossible to return to the negotiation table", to this he added: They should suffer many losses. Whoever wants to negotiate with them, should hit then hard first, so that they understand that they will not get anything through terrorism."

Now, God forbid, had this statement been emanated from a head of any Muslim state, not only hue and cry world have been made in Christian media, followed by international condemnation, but the other set of terrorist BBs (Bush and Blair) would have lost no time is pounding the country in question with all the lethal resources available at their disposal.

Even Hitler - whose image continues to be tarnished beyond recognition by the curse on humanity: the Jews - had not utter such words in dealing with inferior race. This is the principal difference between a mankind and animals.

Dr.Mazoor Qadlr Islamabad

Women's Day

Every year since 1857, women around the world are fooled on March 8, a day which is celebrated as the International Women's Day with promises to improve the battered conditions of female throughout the world.

"But will anything change for women", is the most frequently asked question. If we closely watch the events we can unquestionably see "very little improvement" has actually occurred in our lives.

Woman are still finding it hard almost 150 years down the line to draw attention to their poor and pathetic working conditions at their jobs as well as homes in western societies.

Some time back a survey of 3,000 women in 11, mainly developed countries conducted by a leading publication here showed, that although the women are in a better position (material wise) than their grand mother's generation, but are no happier than their grandmothers were.

Similarly London School of Economic found females with degree and professional careers earned less than males during their working lives.

The British Minister for women at that time dejected by the results said: "This research shows women are paying a heavy economic prices for just being female."

For how long this indifferent attitude towards women will go on; will the women achieve what they have been demanding for more than a century from a anti-women society: western nations—no one knows, but right now one thing is sure that the elixir of happiness and rights remain elusive for us.

Elizabeth Susan

Belfast, UK